persistent warm over Arctic Ocean, persistent cold over US and continental Asia

I updated my calculation of running 5-day temperature anomalies versus the same 5-day period for the ‘climate normal’ (a.k.a. most recent 30 year period beginning on a “1” year) 1981-2010. These data are from the US NCEP NCAR Reanalysis mixture of observations from satellites, ground stations, aircraft and numerical modeling.

Most striking to me is the Arctic Ocean area persisting warm…

Arctic20140206The most recent map (that does not include forecast data) has the warm anomaly along the US west coast turned to cold anomaly. So, the whole US is in the cold in the most recent 5 day average. The warmest temperatures over the Arctic Ocean are 17 C above the 1981-2010 average for this 5 day period.



Here’s the situation over the US for the region bounded by 70 to 105 longitude west and 38 to 55 latitude north…



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